Know More About TheResponsibilities Of Housekeepers

Hiring third-party cleaning services or maid services is the best optiHousekeepers are different you know. They are not your regular home cleaners or maids that you find on and pick up from Angie’s List. There are different responsibilities that a housekeepers in San Diego will readily be able to perform for you. If you ever find it confusing as to what all functions and duties they are expected to take on for you, just go through the list given below and you will have gained a lot of clarity about the matter. It will also help you in selecting the right housekeeper firm in San Diego.

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1. You can get them to lightly or thoroughly clean everything in your living areas depending upon what it says in the contract you signed with them. You can ask them to include dusting and vacuuming in it too. They will also drop in thorough sweeping and mopping of your expensive floors in all of your rooms.

2. When it seems like an impossible task to clean all the bathrooms in the home, these professionals are life savers. They will also clean your mirrors, glass panes and splash areas and toilet seats, showers and baths and also do the needful to keep your tiles and grout slime free.

3. Cleaning the kitchen is a big task. You want to keep everything hygienic and spotless at all times and would never want any residue to be left behind because let’s face it; you’re going to be cooking here. When you pick a professional housekeeper, they won’t just include wiping down your complicated appliances and counters, but also clean up your sinks, drawers and cabinets, partitions and chimneys and doors.

4. You can also hand them over the task of washing and drying your dishes and putting them away neatly just as you like it but this is a detail that you will have to add in the contract first.

5. Don’t ask them to change your bed linens because they will do it and also make your beds on their own. Many housekeeping companies in the city add this service as a standard and it makes your life so much easier.

6. Other than this they will also ask you if you want them to wash, fold and iron your clothes. They will not do any of this without your approval first because you may have different preferences when it comes to washing detergents and the way you dry your clothes (sun drying or shade drying). The professionals will confirm the process you follow from you before they begin their work.

7. They will also be responsible for cleaning interior windows, removing garbage, restocking toilet paper, and of course general tidying up of all your rooms.